Thursday, 27 January 2011

Blogger Date: Part 2-and-a-bit

Depending on whether you read much of my previous post without giving up in disgust, you'll know either that I turned out to be a double-booking blog-date traitor, or that I actually had an enjoyably long evening with Life Begins at 30ty and was granted a time extension by a bus driver with a penchant for the accelerator pedal.

Only a brief time extension though: the schedule predicted that another bus would arrive in ten minutes so we stayed at the bus stop chatting some more. Sure enough it soon swung into view and it was time to say goodnight.

After watching her board a near-empty bus I walked around the corner to my bus stop and was somewhat surprised to find that it was swamped by a throng of desperate would-be passengers. My bus arrived soon after and I joined in the scrum for the door. Somewhere behind me a guy was shouting "Oi, get over here, we're gonna miss the bus - don't you walk away from me!" and several of us turned expecting to see a drunken couple arguing, but it turned out that he was talking to his dog. He then appeared next to me and said something incoherent to the woman in front of me, then randomly asked me if she was my "bird." I shook my head and looked bemused.

I squeezed onto the packed bus as our obligatory eccentric night bus companion hoisted his dog onto the luggage rack. This achievement seemed to settle them both down and the bus eventually crawled away from the stop and set off on its route. It wasn't the smoothest of journeys, but I didn't mind because I was smiling about the evening I'd had.

So, will there be any further updates? Hopefully you've all read Life Begins at 30ty's latest post on our date, in which case you'll know this already: yes, we do have plans to meet up again (and no, I won't be double-booking the date!)


  1. Ah I love a good dating romance, but when it's between Bloggers it just gives it that little pinch of extra juiciness!!

  2. Hey Matt,

    I wanted to email you about this, but I can't figure out how to contact you, so I'll just have to leave a comment here.

    First off, I wanted to thank you for following my blog and for the nice things you've said about me (and my comments) on other people's blogs. Anyway, I've been trying to get more guys to write for Musings for some time now. As you can see, our ratio is a bit off, and that's sort of contrary to the vision I have for it.

    So, do you think you'd be interested in writing with us? I think it'd be cool to get the perspective of a single guy from the other side of the Atlantic, especially since we have a handful of UK readers now.

    Anyway, if you're interested, please drop me a line at Oh, and just in case, here's my little recruitment pitch that I direct all potential writers to, just so they know what they're getting themselves into:

    Hope to hear from you!


  3. By the way, I love the whole He Said/She Said thing you have going on with Life Begins at 30ty! ;-)

  4. Matt-

    You orta (yes it's a word) write for that musing site! You're thoughtful and sensitive, so chicks reading your articles would be totally primed for a dude like me.

    Actually, come to think of it, we'd probably make a great team out on the town.

    Think about it.

    PS don't know if you heard, but even though four-loko is out there is a new drink coming to california. Forget alcohol and caffeine: how about pot and soda!

  5. YAY! This is exciting and super cute! Can't wait to keep reading about it. =)

  6. I was lucky enough to have a date with Life Begins at 30 this weekend too! She is fantastic. I hope you have a great time tonight!

  7. Obviously I don't want to get ahead of things, but don't forget my invite to the wedding!!!

  8. Matt... you haven't responded like you normally do. Makes me wonder what you're up to....

  9. Ugh! Why am I not receiving these posts?

    Matt, this is great....a mini series on two bloggers dating? I'm sitting here munching on my popcorn going from your blog to Life's page and back again to make sure I didn't miss anything.

    I think you should copy and paste her details about your date and add it for future dating references if needed. Haha!

    Good stuff, thanks for sharing. =)

  10. Thanks for your comments and support everyone! Next post is up now.

  11. LOVE THIS! I have been a little behind so just caught up on all installments. You are so funny and I'm glad you guys hit it off.