Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Date With A Difference

Exciting news: I have a date with someone I met online! This is made even more exciting by the fact that I haven't even signed up to an online dating site yet! Instead, depending on your perspective, I've taken a leap into the unknown, embraced the spirit of new challenges - or crossed a line into forbidden territory... I've asked out another blogger.

The adventurous and brave Life Begins at 30ty made a New Year's resolution to face down her dating fears, beginning by Facebooking her neighbouring admirer from a recent flight. Being the enterprising go-getter that she is, she stormed to victory on that mission in less than a week and promptly set the next stage in motion - drawing up a list of ten dating challenges in ascending order of scariness.

She even went so far as to invite her readers to suggest what her challenges might be, and one particular reader (who I did not bribe - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!) suggested that she date another blogger and then both write about the experience. I must admit that as soon as I read that comment I started to ask myself: if she picked that item for the list, would I have the guts to volunteer? I liked to think so, but often it's easy to tell yourself these things if you don't have to test them out!

When the list was published I saw no sign of that item at first as I made my way through, but suddenly there it was at number 8 - bravery-testing time! After some thinking and then some psyching-myself-up I typed in a comment asking her out on a date. Sometimes after writing comments I come away with a good feeling about what I've written and other times I start to second-guess myself - I'm happy to report that this occasion was one of the former type.

I had good cause to be hopeful about the response which I might receive: item 3 on her list states that she must say yes to anyone who asks her out! However, I wouldn't want to give the impression that I only volunteered for the hell of it, or because my chances of a positive answer were good. Far from it...


  1. Giggle.
    Omg I'm loving LB@30's list!
    I can not wait to hear about the date from both sides. :)
    Woot good luck Matt79!

  2. Yay! That's so much fun. I can't wait to hear about it.

  3. You owe me one big thank you for coming up with the suggestion!! Or £20 will surfice.

    I am so looking forward to hearing both sides of this dating story, I pat myself on the back for setting such an inspired challenge to LB.

    Good luck with it all.

  4. LOL - I love this. I can't wait to read both of your perspectives!!

  5. Just Sayin, International Woman of Mystery and simplysolo: Thank you!

    whydidn'tshefancyme: Thank you especially!

  6. I've seen a couple of your posts on some other blogs, Stuck at Seventeen, A Pear by Herself, etc., so I'm familiar with your comments. Having read your home page, I know that you are currently seeing said blogger. Wonderful!

  7. Thank you - yes, it's great that it turned out so well!