Sunday, 23 January 2011

Confession Time

After an amusing mix-up at the start followed by enjoyable chatting, my evening with Life Begins at 30ty seemed like it might be reaching a natural end point. Our conversation was dwindling a little and this may have been mainly down to me. You see, I have a confession to make: I already knew that I couldn't stay for too long, because this was not to be my only date of the evening.

I thought that all had gone quiet on the speed dating front, but a few days ago I'd heard back from someone I'd liked at the New Year's Eve party and she wanted to meet up again. By unfortunate coincidence, her only free night to meet in the next couple of weeks was this past Friday. I'd already agreed my date with Life Begins at 30ty so it felt too late to rearrange it, but my speed date wanted to meet at 10pm anyway so I agreed. I hadn't counted on the delayed start to my blogger date, leaving me with less time, but I had no choice - I mentioned being tired and said a rather hurried goodbye, then rushed out to look for a cab.

Just kidding! I'd probably be barred from this corner of the blogosphere had I done that, and rightly so! I've never double-booked a date and I certainly wasn't about to start with our esteemed blog friend. It's true that our time in that bar came to an end at that point, but only because we decided to head out in search of a quieter place to talk.

We walked past several bars, each seemingly more busy and noisy than the last. Then good news: she asked if I was hungry. Now, I like eating whether I'm hungry or not, so this was a winning suggestion with me! I knew of a restaurant half a mile away so we walked there, only to find that it was just closing. I made another restaurant suggestion and on we went - I'm glad she'd mentioned to me that she likes walking through London!

The second restaurant was open and not busy, so chatting was much nicer as we ordered and ate our food. We had plenty more to find out about each other and I was enjoying doing so, which meant that the time went flying by again. By the time we'd finished our food and were preparing to leave I realised that we'd missed our last trains for the evening.

She again seemed undaunted by this and whipped out her phone to check out the night buses. She seems well on the road to being fear-free! Once she'd got her plans I walked her to her bus stop. As we approached the stop, her bus was already there. I jogged ahead to keep the bus from leaving, then we had a rushed goodbye as it waited. But just as we turned for her to get on the bus, it pulled away and took off. Evidently the driver decided that our evening was not to end just yet...


  1. *silently giggling uncontrollably with hand on mouth*

  2. This is really exciting! I read the posts I've missed recently, how fun and how cute this all is! I love it! I can't wait to read more. all the best to both of you, such excellent bloggers!

  3. Ooooh you trickster you!

    I was virtually swearing at my laptop in outrage at you double-booking!!

    So there's more to come? That's fine. Me and Fishy kicked the arse out of the situation as well! Plus I'm enjoying this...

    Rapunzel x
    *Tales from the Tower*

  4. BANNED!!!!! I got completely sucked in but that.

  5. i'm a new reader who obviously found myself here to read bout the "he says" in this whole escapade. so you actually managed to con me into thinking for a minute that you actually double booked your date haha!

  6. ha! thank you for the 'just kidding' bit.

    just read 30tys posts and came over to find this. nice work matt!

    like i said over at 30tys: this is so cool!!!

  7. You had me convinced with your double date tale so thank god you were only kidding!!!

    Can't believe a bus driver would do that, maybe he is a blog reader as well & knew you were posting this & wanted more details.

  8. This sounds like so much fun! It's very interesting reading from both of you points of view.

  9. you two are so fabulously evil breaking your posts into two parts!! I'm anticipating greatness being that you are keeping all of us in suspense.

    So far so good...when do we get the rest??

  10. *growls*

    You two are as bad as each other. I bet you didn't talk about anything else during the night except how to get us all impatient for more :)

  11. OMG you had me going for a minute...even though I'd just read Life's post...what can I say I'm still on my first coffee...took me a moment to realize you didn't bail at 10 but man...I was about to be the kid in the divorce choosing sides lol (not because I heart you any less) but man when I thought you double booked on our fair Lifee....shakes head...whew!!! that was a close one...though honestly I should've known'd never do that...anyways lol so excited by all two might be inspiring me to do something daring and illicit...we'll see ;)