Saturday, 18 August 2012

Summary Of My Dating History

I've been reading some new blogs recently - it's the first time in a while that I've sought out new blogs to add to my Reader.  It's very cool having new posts arriving more frequently to read!  When I read an interesting recent post on a blog where I'm not familiar with the back-story, I find it tempting to try to read lots of previous posts so that I'll understand the context better.  Occasionally I've read entire blogs to catch up with the present, although of course this can be time-consuming!

It got me to thinking: if somebody chanced on my blog, how easy or difficult would it be to piece together my history?  As I've always thought of this as a dating blog, I thought it might be interesting to write a brief history of my dating life, so here goes:

1979:  Born.
1980-81:  Learning to talk, but not yet familiar with terms like Girl, Date or Emotional Co-Dependency.
1982-85:  Apparently I was a bit of a ladies' man at this age.  I had female friends and a cool haircut and I've even seen a photo where I'm wearing a red sleeveless top and look like I'm auditioning for Baywatch.
1986-89:  Girls are yuck.  Also, by this point I clearly do not resemble David Hasselhoff.
1990-91:  Most girls are yuck, but there's one who I like seeing and being around.  Not going to tell her though.
1992-93:  Maybe quite a few girls aren't yuck.  Especially another one in particular.  Also not going to tell her.  Some of my friends seem to be making progress ahead of me.
1994-95:  Whoops - I was very wrong about girls ever being yuck.  Girls are very interesting.  There are lots of cute ones at my school.  I have no idea how to interact with them.  Some guys do seem to know how.  Bastards.
1996:  Major crush.  Current plan: don't chase any girl apart from her.  Also: don't chase her.  Poor plan.
1997-98:  Start university.  Even more good-looking young women.  Even a few female friends.  But still not learning the art of the chase.  Increasing feeling that I'm becoming a grown-up in all areas other than this one.
1999-2000:  Manage to tell a few women that I think they're good-looking.  Not reciprocated so far, but still an important step to have made.
2001:  Progress somehow stalls, partly due to working night shifts in random post-uni job.
2002:  Push myself to try online dating.  Good idea.  Go on a few dates.  Mixed experiences, but experiences nonetheless.
2003:  More online dates either side of an on-again-off-again relationship - my first, and definitely another mixed but valuable experience.
2004:  New relationship with someone met offline.  Gets off to great start.
2005-09:  Initially great relationship unfortunately descends through good to mixed to difficult to daily struggle.
2010:  Relationship ends.  Stuck living together for six months afterwards until house sold. Thoroughly tough year.
2011-12:  Accept challenge of date with another dating blogger.   Good date leads to more good dates and relationship with said blogger - happily still ongoing.


  1. Lifebeginsat30ty23 August 2012 at 01:59

    I think we should start a blogger match-making service ;)

  2. It's a cool idea - we just need some volunteers!

  3. Great Blog Matt! I love happy endings but I love a good meeting story more, yours is great!!
    I have read your archives and think you can teach me a thing or two about blogging, I hope you don't stop! (this blog has won awards after all!) You might need to think of a new topic though....
    Ideas from your blog I am going to pinch:
    1. blogging the past when I'm in a slow patch for material;
    2. incorporating songs into the posts (She's like the wind, Milkshake! Gold!)
    3. Follow other bloggers and then interact with them on the blog (like that secret santa thing! clever!)
    4. try and respond individually to those that comment
    5. have links in the post when I refer to an incident that I have already blogged (for easy reference)


  4. Thanks KC - that's very nice of you to say! You're welcome to steal whichever ideas you like, although all credit for the Secret Santa thing goes to my blogger-date-turned-awesome-girlfriend LB - and, come to think about it, she was also the one who helped me to think of blogging about my past! I still haven't been hit by inspiration for a new topic, but maybe at some point that'll happen.

  5. Wow....saw so many parallels in kind of freaked me out.

    However I think the period from about 1981 (born) to about 1995 would be one giant clump of 'Was afraid of girls'.

  6. Yep - that would probably apply to a fair bit of my time too!

  7. Love to hear it's happily ongoing. I secretly want details. But I think it's good you are more reserved!

  8. Thanks - and yes, I realised early on that I was going to end up being light on detail in my present-day blog posts!

  9. I like this timeline summary of your dating history, especially 1982-1985!! =)

  10. Thank you - that period of time may have been my peak in some ways!

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