Friday, 17 August 2012

Brief Update

Well, my "final post" was eight months ago, and really I'd just about stopped writing posts eight months before that, but so far I've never quite stopped reading blog posts.  After all, that was how my time in blogworld started, and I really liked the corner of it which I happened to land in.  So I thought I'd post a brief update of how things are going for me.

18 months on from our blogger-meets-blogger date, things are still going well with LB, which is great. She was stuck in the USA for a while in early 2012, which wasn't so great, but happily she's been back here in London for several months. I've been sharing a flat with her and her two cats, who are mostly nice and occasionally nuts. One of them used to hiss and swipe at me when I walked past, but now follows me around trying to get petted. The other one has recently taken to eating his own puke. Maybe his cat food tastes better second time around.

Other things in my life are going OK too, but this blog was rarely about those things anyway - it was always intended to be a dating blog, but does an eighteen-month relationship still count as dating? It certainly doesn't provide the same kind of blogging material as messy dating experiences like slow fades, sudden disappearances, wildly inaccurate dating photos and pregnancy hoaxes - but that's probably a good thing.

I've been doing a bit more blog reading recently and it's great to see that some of my old favourite blogs are still going strong, such as Simply Solo, Just Saying, thoughts simply arise, My Dating Hangovers and Something She Dated. Maybe I can find some new favourites out there too! But it's sad to see no more posts from others like how very lucky to be a girl, snafu and International Woman Of Mystery. And what ever happened to that other awesome blog I used to read avidly - something to do with life beginning at thirty?


  1. YAY you're somewhat back!!! woot woot!
    Thanks for the shoutout!

  2. You're welcome - it's good to have a few of my first-read-blogs still going! I'm mainly back doing more blog reading - still low on ideas for posts of my own, but I thought I'd at least write some kind of update.

  3. Just now seeing this shout out - thank you! :) Would say I'm going strong... but I'm still going. LOL

  4. You're welcome - your posts are still great when they do come!