Thursday, 14 July 2011

No News Is Good News

Wow - three months since my last post? Time just goes faster and faster! I never wanted to be someone who stopped blogging completely without signing off somehow. With that in mind, I guess I'm saying that this isn't my last post either.

I still think of my blog as a dating blog. More specifically, I think of it primarily as a wacky-dating-dramas blog. For a while now I've been short of blog posts because I haven't been having wacky dating dramas. It's now nearly six months since my first date with LB and I'm very happy be with her. Somehow we've managed to avoid the kinds of events which make for good drama-dating-blogging:

1) I haven't gradually stopped contacting her in the hope that she'll disappear;

2) She hasn't decided that texting her friends is more interesting than talking with me;

3) I haven't gone out and got drunk at a bar and kissed/slept with someone else (being very unlikely to do this is one useful side benefit of not drinking alcohol - and it comes for free!);

4) She hasn't pretended to be pregnant so I can Feel The Fear;

5) I haven't got someone else pregnant, agreed to quickly marry them and then left it to her to find out via Google (this may be the most outrageous break-up story I've seen in a blog - can anyone top it? I hope not!)

I was going to follow that list with five reasons why we may have avoided those dramas - things like honesty, integrity, thoughtfulness... but now that I think about it, I wonder if all of those components could be covered by one word: respect. Maybe by just setting out to treat someone with respect, a lot of other things fall into place. And maybe it's the common thing missing from the five dating-drama examples above.

Oh, but I still give some credit to luck too. I was just about to sign up for online dating when I asked out LB. I'd told some people at work including one woman who had been trying out online dating herself without much reward. A month or so later she asked me if I was online dating yet and I replied that I was "dating dating." Her (jovial) response: "How dare you?!" She had a point: I'd expected to go on some bad dates before graduating to a good one, but instead I lucked out first time.

P.S. My stats page had dropped to 3 or 4 hits per day, as befits a blog which is not being written, but last month suddenly shot up to 50-100 hits per day and has stayed there. If any of you are real people rather than botnets, you're welcome to say hi!