Monday, 14 March 2011

Ten Reasons Why Dating Lifebeginsat30ty Is Awesome

Over these past few weeks I've been mulling over what to write about on this blog at this point. You see, much of the blog so far has been dedicated to past dating stories which often ranged from awkward to disastrous. I never really had a plan for what I might do when I ran out of these stories.

In fact, I'd kind of assumed that I might be about to generate more of them. I was planning to rejoin the world of online dating, hoping to click with someone but accepting that the law of averages would probably result in some more mismatches and mishaps as part of that journey. I wasn't about to seek out unsuccessful dates for blogging purposes but I figured that they would be coming my way anyway.

Well, I've been on plenty of dates recently, but far from being disastrous they've all been really great. I attribute this to the fact that they've all been with Life Begins at 30ty and dating her is awesome, for these ten reasons and more:

1. She's smart and interesting to talk to;

2. She's funny and fun to be with;

3. Two other bloggers have already commented that she's beautiful - they're right;

4. ...and when I tell her this she gets embarrassed, and when she's embarrassed she looks sooo cute;

5. After I mentioned that one of my hobbies is eating, I think our first eight dates all involved going to a restaurant at some stage - and she's never complained about sitting and watching me eat for ages after she's finished!

6. She puts energy into being warm and friendly towards so many people, no matter whether they're a quirky waiter or the owner of a gigantic dog;

7. She's easygoing and unfazed by potential stumbling blocks like turning up to different bars for our first date or ending up on a certain midnight stroll;

8. (To the tune/beat of Milkshake by Kelis):
Her blog posts bring all the readers online
'Cause her blog... is better than mine
Damn right... it's better than mine
She could teach me... I can't make this rhyme...

9. The time just flies by when I'm with her and the end of each rendezvous feels like it has arrived too quickly;

10. When we had our first full-on kiss a thought flashed through my head: If I could be anywhere in the world doing anything at this moment, I'd want to be right here, right now. Happily that feeling has since revisited me often.


  1. Oh. My. God!!! This is brilliant!!

    I do feel like I'm eavesdropping a bit though...!!!

    Rapunzel x
    *Tales from the Tower*

  2. Well, I'm so happy for you! Keep us all posted... x

  3. Just Sayin...: Thanks :)

    Rapunzel: I guess it's different reading this when you know both of us as bloggers - I felt like I was eavesdropping on you and Fishy!

    Lifebeginsat30ty: Then I'm missing out on more cuteness ;) xxx

    rebeccafox: Thank you!

  4. Awesome, Matt.

    It's nice to hear of actual success stories from a blog... definitely the exception! When are you two posting some more pics? This is re-donculous.

    I've been reading your comments, thoughts, and blog for almost a year now. If anyone deserves a great relationship, it's you! In the balance of life I'd say you cancel out at least 8 dewshbags. 7 if they have their collars popped.

    Keep it up! Er... TWSS?


  5. Thanks Caleb - that's really nice of you to say. You're a cool guy yourself and I hope that the parts of your life which you don't mention much on your blog are going well too!

  6. OMG this is soooo cute and sweet! you are too cute, you two. what a fantastic tribute. =)

  7. This is really sweet. Gosh, I just have my fingers crossed for you guys!!

  8. this is so cute. did you meet thru blogging?

  9. Thank you, and yes we did - my side of the story starts from the post "A Date With A Difference" in January.

  10. wow ok melt my heart matt!!! Is there a clone of you perhaps floating around here in NYC??

    So very very happy for you both!! This is the kind of stuff that keeps me excited and looking fwd to meeting someone who makes me want to write fucking fabulously hilarious lyrics to the tune of milkshake!!!

    thank you for sharing and please don't stop...people want to read about love and happiness in dating as much as the failures and frustration!!

  11. Thank you - and I agree that it's a really exciting feeling when you're into someone and you realise that they're into you too!

  12. Awwww so sweet and her follow up was sweet two. And I'm guessing I'm one of the bloggers that has a girl crush on your pretty girl? :)

  13. Thanks and yes you are - and I can totally see why!