Friday, 21 January 2011


My time in blogworld began in early summer 2010. I didn't even fully understand what a blog was before that, but one day I stumbled across a riveting dating blog and quickly became hooked. I read every post on that blog and on several of those connected to it, one of which was Life Begins at 30ty. At that time her blog was a mixture of past London stories and current DC updates - I liked the concept of mixing in flashbacks and having her tale gradually unfold.

In fact, reading her blog helped to inspire my idea of how I might start writing my own - I wasn't yet ready to blog about the present, so why not write about the past? I started to write and was greatly encouraged by her commenting on my first post and many others. It was really nice to have her support and enthusiasm in my fledgling blogger days.

Later in the summer, when many of our blogging bunch seemed to be experiencing a bit of writer's block, she suggested and then organised a Secret Santa Of Blogging initiative - fifteen of us were each assigned a person for whom to secretly nominate topics for a blog post and she redistributed them so that we would each write a post based on the anonymous suggestions we received. The idea was a great success and I think she deserved an award for Services To Blogging, especially as she was in the middle of arranging her relocation back to London at the same time!

Although I hadn't mentioned it in my blog, I lived in London too. I'd never met up with another blogger before - maybe I should change that? From continuing to follow her blog I picked up that she's a non-smoker and a Guardian reader and even has a PhD - three further plus points in my book. I was also given a hint as to her appearance in a post by a fellow blogger - the outrageously-readable Snafugirl - who described her as having "one of those faces that is beautiful with or without make up" - wow! (And rumour has it that I found an impertinent way to verify this...)

So when she posted her list of ten dating challenges, including "Date another blogger", my thought process went something like this: there's a thoughtful, intelligent, beautiful woman who reads my blog, lives in the same city as me and is looking for a blogger to volunteer to go on a date with her? Yes please!

Of course, I had some reservations too. She'll be writing about my dating etiquette to a host of readers, some of whom I like to think of as blog friends of mine too - what if I somehow manage to come across as a complete jerk? Also, having read my blog, she already knows some things about me which I might not normally mention on a first date, such as the fact that one of my exes once pretended to be pregnant, or that one of my previous first dates involved a visit to a police station!

But then I reasoned that I could view this from a positive perspective: she already knows some low points from my past history so there's no need to worry about when or whether to mention them, plus there'd be no need to wonder whether to have the conversation that starts with "Er, the thing is, I have this blog..." Either way, it'll certainly be a different kind of date and I don't know how it'll feel - but let's find out!


  1. I can't wait to read about it! So exciting!

  2. This is seriously awesome!!! I'm so excited to hear about this! Perhaps you two can be trend-setters...

    Can't wait for the details! Have fun!!!

  3. I think the fact that you have read each other's blogs and know some of the that past stuff will actually be a good thing. Neither of you will have to hide anything or be afraid to mention something. It's kind of freeing, yes?

    Good luck to both of you! Can't wait to hear abou it!

  4. I can not wait!

    I've met several people in person from my last blog. The great thing about it is for the reasons you listed. They read your low points, off kilter thoughts, and still like you!

    Some might say there is a stigma/intention about why people blog. I say, RANDOM IS GOOD!
    Embrace it! Great things come from random.

  5. Short time reader, de-lurking to wish you luck. Have fun!

  6. Yay!!! Your blog romance makes me smile. I just read her post and yours. And now I have a big smile on my face. I can't wait to read about the date. I hope it was great!

  7. Thank you all! Just posted Part 1 of how it went from my side...

  8. I'm so excited I'm practically squealing!!!!!!