Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Returning To The Fray

I hope everyone has been having a nice holiday time however you've spent it. I've been enjoying spending time with my parents and brother over Christmas. However, I had been bereft of a plan for New Year's Eve. It's my first one as a singleton since 2003 but most of my friends are married and starting to have kids, or unavailable in some other way, so my options seemed to be:

1) Hang out at my parents' place despite the fact that nobody else will be there;

2) Return home and hang out at my flat, again with nobody else there;

3) Gatecrash my parents' friends' party and possibly be the only attendant under the age of 55.

I've spent NYE on my own before and in a way it was an interesting reflective experience, so I had been leaning towards option 2, but part of me wanted to be doing more as I'm pretty much back to full health again - I went to work for a week before Christmas and even managed not to miss our Christmas drinks evening. Happily, a conversation that very evening was the genesis for an alternative idea:

4) Go to a New Year's Eve Speed Dating party!

So that's the plan - restart my dating with a bang and solve my NYE conundrum at the same time. I've never been speed dating before but I've been interested in trying it. Does anyone have any speed-dating-related thoughts/advice/stories to share?

P.S. For readers of my previous post: I've sent a Facebook message to My School Crush. I aimed for light and upbeat but I did mention the crush within it. I'll let you know if I get a reply!


  1. Don't get your cock out. Whatever happens hope you have a great New Year. I tend to go a bit manic on New Years and start celebrating from Australia time onwards. It rarely ends well.

  2. "Don't get your cock out." Solid gold.

    I like the idea- I was actually going to suggest that there were more than your 3 alternatives available. Don't be afraid of solo adventures- they can be the most rewarding!

    And, depending on how your speed-dating night goes, maybe get your cock out.

    Sorry, just wanted to type 'cock' one more time.

    Wait- that's 3 now.



    PS I, as I'm sure others would agree, would like to see your note and whatever she responds with. Did you send a friend request too? Any pre-message scouting?

  3. I once did a speed dating event and it was a disaster! Well, all was not lost. I did make a female friend out of it. However, I want to note that the selection of men was awful while I thought most of the women there were very attractive and had a lot going for them. So hopefully your experience will be a positive one!

  4. Hmm... that's a tough one as I keep pondering the same. Speed dating is a little risque, but at least you'll be in the presence of other singles instead of going to another gathering, risking being the only one NOT coupled up.

    I don't know. Whatever you decide, make up your mind that you'll have a great evening. =)

  5. Ugh. New Years is a terrible holiday for single people. I'm DREADING it. But your idea of speed dating sounds good. I mean, why not? If nothing else, you will get a great blog post out of it. And it will save you from being the only single person at a party full of couples which is what usually happens to us single people.

  6. I'm sure the speed dating adventure will be fun and produce material for the blog, so I say go for it!

    I am not single this new years, but I am far away from my significant other, which makes it hard to appreciate the holiday fully.

    all the best!

  7. Toni: Sound advice - I'll remember your words as I rack my brains for icebreakers! I hope your New Year is great too.

    Caleb: My message to my crush was along the lines of "How's it going? I remember you from maths lessons; Facebook lets me say what I never said - wanted to tell you I had a big crush on you; hope all is good with you." (But longer and hence less condensed.) I didn't send a friend request. Her profile doesn't have much info visible - as you mentioned before, I wouldn't have wanted to sound like I was online stalking her anyway!

    Michelle: Sorry to hear about your experience. It might work out great for me if the women are attractive and desirable while the men are awful - I just hope I don't get classed as one of the awful men!

    MyDatinghangovers: I do like the idea of being around other single people like me (well, single women in particular) rather than mostly couples, so hopefully it'll work out well.

    International Woman of Mystery: I hadn't even initially thought of the blogging potential! I can imagine that if parts of it go well I might not divulge too much on here, but if it's a disaster then it may well make for a great post!

    Larissa: A fun adventure sounds good to me! I hope your significant other will be closer soon.

    Happy New Year (when it arrives) to you all!

  8. OMG! Speed dating on New Year's? This sounds absolutely amazing. I so much want to go speed dating. I HATE making New Year's plans. This is the perfect solution. I hope you have a blast - take notes for the blog!!
    Happy New Year!

  9. Thank you! It starts in two hours and I'll give it my best shot - and it's reassuring to know that if it's a disaster it would probably make for even better blogging material! Happy New Year!

  10. So..... inquiring minds want to know. Evening with the folks and home movies, home alone with your two palms (naughty me), partying with the geezers and cougarville or speed dating??? Happy New Year to you!

  11. All worthy contenders, but the eventual winner was speed dating - I've now posted the story of the evening, although I still don't know whether there'll be a postscript. Happy New Year to you too!